1480nm SM 単一モード ファイバレーザ

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1480nm SM 単一モード ファイバレーザ 

This single mode optical fiber  1480nm semiconductor laser use high performance butterfly semiconductor laser.
Combined with fiber FBG frequency to ensure stable spectral wavelength, single-mode pigtail output.
We used  professional design of the drive circuit and TEC control to ensure laser safety and stability.

This fiber laser can be used in scientific research experiments and production tests.

Suitable for fiber lasers or fiber amplifier pump light source.

波長|Wavelength: 1460nm-1490nm
出力|Output power: 150mW(Accept custom)
型番|Model: 型番#01  I型標準型 / 型番#02 II型LCD液晶専門型(選択する)
スペクトル安定性|Spectral stability: ≤ ±0.005dBm (15 Minutes)
短期安定性|Short term stability: ≤ ±0.01dB (15 Minutes)
長期安定性|Long-term stability: ≤ ±0.2dB (8 Hours)
ファイバ型|Fiber type: SMF 
光ファイバ 出力タイプ|Optical fiber output type: FC/APC (Accept custom.)
作業温度|Working temperature: 10℃ ~ 60℃
貯蔵温度|Storage temperature: -40℃ ~ 85℃
サイズ|Size:  90×70×15mm(Model#01) / 160×120×55mm(Model#02)
作動電圧|Working voltage: DC 5V

1.output power is high.
2.Output power and spectral stability.

1.Seed light source
2.Erbium doped fiber amplifier
3.Nonlinear optics research

1. If you need other wavelength/output power,please お問い合わせ .
2. Our  testing environment:
Working temperature: 23±3℃
After preheat 60 minutes

1480nm sm ファイバレーザ

1480nm sm ファイバレーザ