1528nm~1564nm C-Band 1555nm~1607nm L-Band 可変波長レーザ源

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1528nm~1564nm C-Band   1555nm~1607nm  L-Band 可変波長レーザ源

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Wavelength: 1528nm~1564nm  
Wavelength adjustment frequency: 0.4nm

Output Power: 5mW ~ 16mW
Power adjustment accuracy: 0.1mW

Wavelength: 1555nm~1607nm  
Wavelength adjustment frequency: 0.8nm

Output Power: 5mW ~ 8mW
Power adjustment accuracy: 0.1mW



It's a Wavelength tunable laser.

1. Low power consumption
2. Max output power 16mW
3. Integrated wavelength locking unit
4. Excellent relative intensity noise (typ. -110dB/Hz)
5. Narrow linewidth (typical 1MHz)
6. High side mode inhibition ratio
7. Built-in DSP processor
8. Compact size
9. Applicable to dense wavelength division multiplexing system

1. Fiber lasers
2. Laser Ranging
3. Coherent optical communication
4. Optical fiber sensing system
5. DWDM system

Performance parameters Test Conditions Min value Typical value Max value Unit
Output Power   5   16 mW
Power stability Full wavelength range   0.3 0.5 dB
Power stability Full temperature range   0.3 0.3 dB
Frequency stability   -1.8   +1.8 GHz
Channel spacing ITU standards   50   GHz
Wavelength tuning range   1528.77   1607 nm
Frequency tuning range   191.7   191.1 THz
Number of wavelength channels     89/64  

C band, 89channels,


L band

64 channels,

50GHz spacing.

Channel switching time     10 15 ms
Spectral linewidth FWHM   1 5 MHz
Frequency error EOL -1.5   1.5 GHz
Edge mode rejection ratio SMSR   45   dB
Output isolation   30     dB
Relative intensity noise (RIN) 10MHz-1GHz   -110   dB/Hz
Relative intensity noise (RIN) 1-10GHz   -145   dB/Hz
Pigtail type  SMF
Pigtail length   1     m
Bending radius   35     mm
Tensile Strength       5 N
Connector type  FC
Dimensions L x W x H 250×300×100mm mm
Storage temperature   -40   85
Voltage       220 V



ファイバレーザ源 C-band 1550nm  波長可変レーザ

ファイバレーザ源 C-band 1550nm  波長可変レーザ

ファイバレーザ源 C-band 1550nm  波長可変レーザ

ファイバレーザ源 C-band 1550nm  波長可変レーザ